Borrowing the Theory of A Poodle and A Mongrel from fallen Norwegian icon Enrik Ibsen author of An Enemy of The People,you will agree with me provided other factors are held constant:That,is a MAN Choice To Remain Poor or Rich,Not only in financial Kingdom but in all other Spheres of Live.

I’m thus indebted to affirm the above statement reason being that some individual choose & endavours to pursue Mediocrity.But then,there are notably a few who choose a Path of Brighter future.A People to whom’Richness’ is in store for them.

In Short,I have Never Understood & I’m Still Checkered on the path of Deciphering How Mankind can’t Distinguish a POODLE MAN from a MONGREL MAN if and only if the Ibsen’s Theory Is applied to Humankind.

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