A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal.

Any Right Minded and Patriotic Citizen CANNOT Suggest of Any Form of Development Discourse Unless s(he) Speaks Against the already showcased Unjust Govt Rule.

My Own Government, Why are you afraid of a nobly act of a Peacefully Demonstrating Kenyans Citizens.Why Use the Military or rather Police Might to Protect’you’.Was the “2007/2008″ not enough? Are the mental Codes of History Failing you?If you get an oppotune Read & Reread of Hitlers Regime, Nagasakians & Hiroshima’s ends,S.Sudan Tragedy that ended the other day ,Vietnamese War to mention a few ,you will know that KENYA is Greater than Any Tribe & Any Regime.

Let me rejorn & nobly state what I wrote yesterday Evening. And,I Quote;” ALUTA CONTINUA.

Police Brutality on Peaceful Demonstrators seeking Truth & Justice Must CEASE. We don’t Want to Dramatize Again The Shameful Event that happened in 2007/2008.

If that is to be achieved. Violence against Humble Children of GOD MUST STOP. And,We have The Initiative to STOP it NOW!!!”

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