The DP has continued without fail to
demonstrate his what the the Holy
Bible labels as folly. He is quick to
air is mutilated opinion even affairs
that carries a lot of national
importance. And,He believes his
words are the holy truth and Amen.

He rarely listen to anyone’s advice
and to him following instruction is
anathema. He is the only man who
has the “big balls enough”-as
S.O.N.U students politician would
put it- to arrogantly state that He will
be President come 2022 while
forgetting his own boat jubilee now
baptized JAP is about to capsize.

And,not only that, he is mad to any
liberal minded citizen and Leaders
who expresses diverse opinion. He
will call them Economic Saboteurs if
not demi-devils who are out to kill
his “noble” dream and political
ambition to rule this country.
Imagine the aforementioned behavior
isn’t of a small child- who cries for
his mother and adults attention-but
of a Leader. And, not only that, but a
full Deputy President. What a pity?
I’m therefore convinced that DP call
for action on exam cheat is just
,”kelele za Chura Zisizomnyima
tembo kunywa maji.”Why on earth
does he want to remove a speck on
other Leaders eyelid while his eye’s
cornea are clogged by a wood. He is
a blind leader who lives in oblivion
that makes him think that ONLY
rhetoric and nice speeches would
make Kenya a better nation and its
citizens meet their end meet. On this
very issue ,let’s refrain from bringing
on board his allies and trained
sycophants ,the Murkomen’s and
Duale’s of this nation who are at their
worst moments.

In a nutshell, Kenyans are tired of
empty rhetoric and lies. If you (The
DP,William Ruto ) mean business
and have the ,” big balls enough” ,the
very first step is to ensure the
release of the results of the 5101
students who are being sacrificed at
the expense of mindless,
incompetent,arrogant , looters and
selfish leaders both in the political
arena and KNEC board. They should
carry their own crosses and stop
using innocent,young children ,the
5101 students ,carry on their

May the Lord of sound justice and
equality prevail. And, may his will be
done. That’s my prayer this morning
.I rest my case !

A Voice From The Slopes of Mt.
Kilimanjaro !

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