The above statement as I always say
is not of my own making but a quote
from Bible.

Basically the Very words are
apt warning for us to avoid LOVING
The World and Its Seductive
nuances. Paul refer to this Behavior
in Christians as a Dog running after a
chunk of meat it vomited out of
gluttony or rather a cleaned swine
(pig) running back to play hide and
seek from the very mud it was
accustomed to previously. He(Paul)
degenerates all those tact and
behaviors as a dung.

If we like it or not, Our Bodies
are a Temple of Christ. And ,should
NEVER be made unclean particularly
by fornication(Sex outside/before
Marriage). GOD the Father CAN’T and
NEVER will He Choose to use an
Unclean Vessel. He Uses Sanctified
and Pure Vessels of Honor which
have accepted His Precepts and Stay
under God’s Cloud of grace. In that
,No longer are we who liveth but
Christ in us. We have died in sin and
Now we liveth in Righteousness for
HIS glory to Reveal.

Having said that,there isn’t
any compromise whatsoever. It’s
Sagacious we choose this very day
whom we Shall Worship. In our soul
we have created our own Idols I.e
etc. However,My Household and I we
shall worship The Lord!

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