Mathew Chapter 6 has enough wisdom to any Christian Believer and or any Christian to be. Our greatest guru ,JESUS CHRIST ,carried all our worries on the cross and we have Nothing to Fear but Fear itself for we are entitled of His son-ship. And, thus,we cry Abba Father.

Most of us have forgotten that we can’t add a day, an hour or even a second in our very life. We bother on what we shall wear,eat or drink. And,by doing so we have joined satanic ranks without knowing.

Why do we allow ourselves to be self-conceited? Is The Bed the answer to Matters of Heart?Why go to bed with our seniors/juniors in order to obtain material wealth ,jobs or even ends meet?Some do the shame,ungodly and sinister behavior seeking for “Important” but petty things such as school fees , Pocket monies, fares,political/educational/religious/social leadership positions,cars/land ,shopping fee and rent to mention a few. These things are real idol if sought on that basis. For where your treasure is that’s where your heart lies. That’s very Serious and a painful Truth my dear Brethren. Isn’t it?

Why rent our pant on the above worldly issues whereas GOD instructed us to Rent our hearts. And, make our request known to Him. That’s Shameful!!!
However,I blame no one. The lame tendencies on moral erosion and decadence is a result of mistrust on the power bestowed on CHRIST JESUS. Know that ,you can stand Firm in Faith without compromising the very precepts enshrined in the Beautiful Holy Bible.

In summarily, Ladies and Gentlemen,let’s cast our crowns,fear and worries to JESUS. That’s what He died for .He knows us by name as Great Tribe of Judah.He only Wants us to seek first His Righteousness (without which no one can see GOD ) and all things I.e food,clothes,rent ,land,wealth, electronics,vehicles,good heath,marriage partner etc shall be given to us for His Promise are True and Amen! Otherwise JESUS is the answer. Let’s fix ours eyes on Him instead of fixing them on an idol ,The “Bed”

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