Independent Electoral and
Boundaries Commission (IEBC) have
proved to all Kenyans that its
incapacitated to hold a free and fair
election anywhere in Kenya and thus
it should be disbanded. The Kericho
and Malindi are just but a mirror
image of what normally transpires
and would happen in coming days
unless a change is made.

Cases of bribery in both Kericho and
Malindi by-election should not be
taken for granted .For instance, in
Kericho, names of the previous 2013
general election voters were found
missing. Six voters at Kabartegan
polling station were turned away
.Several similar cases happened in
Belgut constituency as noted by

Not only that, in what would be
considered as intimidation and
working for Jubilee govt the IEBC
official barred the KANU agents from
Belgut and Soin-Sigowet
constituencies.Consequently, has
Sang mentioned his aide and KANU
agents were barred from
entering Soisot Social hall, Cheboror
Tea buying centre, Keben, Teldet
primary, Chepkoin and Cheimen
Social hall, among other polling

In awake of this atrocities,you will
agree with me that what happened in
Kericho was the ugliest of all kinds
of election as much as we call for a
democratic,free and fair electoral
process. With that, I would say that
Kericho citizens have been denied an
opportunity to expresses their mind
and soul by a Selfish ,Corrupt and
dictatorial kind of govt. What a

A Voice From The Slopes of

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