I have Lived Long Enough To Realize That Befriending a Coward Is a Perilous Course.

Hitherto & Going Forward I’ll Choose Neither to Befriend ANY Nor Enter into their Embellish , Cowardice , Lazy & Reckless Argumentation.

I have Chosen To Follow Self Instincts. PERIOD#


Borrowing the Theory of A Poodle and A Mongrel from fallen Norwegian icon Enrik Ibsen author of An Enemy of The People,you will agree with me provided other factors are held constant:That,is a MAN Choice To Remain Poor or Rich,Not only in financial Kingdom but in all other Spheres of Live.

I’m thus indebted to affirm the above statement reason being that some individual choose & endavours to pursue Mediocrity.But then,there are notably a few who choose a Path of Brighter future.A People to whom’Richness’ is in store for them.

In Short,I have Never Understood & I’m Still Checkered on the path of Deciphering How Mankind can’t Distinguish a POODLE MAN from a MONGREL MAN if and only if the Ibsen’s Theory Is applied to Humankind.


Police Brutality on Peaceful Demonstrators seeking Truth & Justice Must CEASE.We don’t Want to Dramatize Again The Shameful Event that happened in 2007/2008.

If that is to be achieved. Violence against Humble Children of GOD MUST STOP.And,We have The Initiative to STOP it NOW!!!


A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal.

Any Right Minded and Patriotic Citizen CANNOT Suggest of Any Form of Development Discourse Unless s(he) Speaks Against the already showcased Unjust Govt Rule.

My Own Government, Why are you afraid of a nobly act of a Peacefully Demonstrating Kenyans Citizens.Why Use the Military or rather Police Might to Protect’you’.Was the “2007/2008″ not enough? Are the mental Codes of History Failing you?If you get an oppotune Read & Reread of Hitlers Regime, Nagasakians & Hiroshima’s ends,S.Sudan Tragedy that ended the other day ,Vietnamese War to mention a few ,you will know that KENYA is Greater than Any Tribe & Any Regime.

Let me rejorn & nobly state what I wrote yesterday Evening. And,I Quote;” ALUTA CONTINUA.

Police Brutality on Peaceful Demonstrators seeking Truth & Justice Must CEASE. We don’t Want to Dramatize Again The Shameful Event that happened in 2007/2008.

If that is to be achieved. Violence against Humble Children of GOD MUST STOP. And,We have The Initiative to STOP it NOW!!!”

I feed on the food that alone is mine and that I was born for

“ When evening has
come, I return to my
house and go into
my study. At the
door I take off my
clothes of the day,
covered with mud
and mire, and I put
on my regal and
courtly garments;
and decently
reclothed, I enter the
ancient courts of
ancient men, where,
received by them
lovingly, I feed on
the food that alone is
mine and that I was
born for. There I am
not ashamed to
speak with them and
to ask them the
reason for their
actions; and they in
their humanity reply
to me. And for the
space of four hours I
feel no boredom, I
forget every pain, I
do not fear poverty,
death does not
frighten me. I
deliver myself
entirely to them.
Niccolò Machiavelli ,
The Prince


DP’S nuance against peaceful dialoguing against the IEBC “Saga” has left many a Kenyan perturbed & aloof.

Its was only a day before his muted & embellish announcement that The President Kenyatta had meet with Jubilee Leaders in State House.Its on this meeting that the President called the Cord Impregnable movement to hold a bilateral talk over the IEBC issue

Then,if the President Had Said Yes to Dialogue Who Is RUTO to say NO?I’m dumbfounded on the a issue herein.

The DP should “KNOW PEOPLE” na Ajue Hii Country Si Ya “MAMA YAKE”


AYMF & THE KING’S HOUSE are Educative and Mentorship Platforms geared to bringing up individuals who are holistic not only in the social platform but also in the political arena ,economic landscape, spiritual realm and academic pursuit.

Both groups were established almost during the same period. It started with a brain child idea to advocate for togetherness, brotherhood and love amongst kenyans.Thus,initially in the year 2013 –during the inception of both- AYMF, the mother to THE KINGS HOUSE went by the name KENYAN YOUTH MENTORSHIP ORGANIZATION which later assumed the words ‘AFRICA” and ‘FOUNDATION’ replacing the ‘ Kenya ‘and ‘Organization’.

This move was seen vital and sagacious by the then 20 members so that the foundation takes an African outlook. Hitherto, there are more than 1 600 members in both group committed to the aforementioned task. Most Importantly, the very members up to now are drawn in many African ad Oversees countries .For example, nations such as USA,United Kingdom,Arabian countries and most importantly countries in Africa.

Not only that, the foundation is affiliated with other organization throughout Africa and in the World in an effort to bring peaceful co-existence amongst citizens of different civilization, culture, race and religion. The most notable groups include NATIONAL MOVEMENT AGAINST NEGATIVE ETHNICITY (NAMANE ) which is based in Kenya.

The 7 key mandate of AYMF are;

1. To offer Inspirational talks to High School Students and Primary school going Children.

2. Offer talks and Speeches on various globally ongoing issue that affect students in Universities, Colleges and High School in order to bring about insight that would enable them solve challenges facing them. This challenges include drug abuse,sex addiction,victimization etc

3. Conduct school rallies popularly known us’ weekend challenges’.The Foundation liaise with competent, reliable and seasoned facilitators who does preaching,counseling,mentoring and provision of Leadership skills and knowledge amongst youths.

4. Promote recreational activities e.g sports, amongst the communities for cohesion purposes.

5. Re-train and Re –tool organizational and professional staffs in order to re-affirmed their ideals, commitments and calls to task therein.

6. Start youth projects i.e farming, rearing of chicken,goats rabbit and business in IT sectors.

7. Teaching self reliance through micro-saving and eliminating unwanted wastage and over-reliance to other people,parents,govt.,NGO’S and worldwide financial funding which are never sustainable in the long-run.

For now,the group AYMF & THE KING’S HOUSE are actively operating on social media. Members are pulling in by day. Thus ,the committee management of AYMF and THE KING’S HOUSE under the directorship of MR. KING J.P have seen it wise to lobby for funds that would see the foundation registered by KENYA government ,buying of Public Address Equipments and for running Commuting and Official Facilitation program. For now at least KSH. 20 000 has been raised for that cause. The target is not less than KSH. 200 000 to be raised by september. Thereby, all interested partners, allies and financial support funds are called upon so that we can work together and see this vision come to a reality. Thanks.

For more Information Please Contact;
Website : http://www.princejosephkingorg
Email : (acting for now)
Phone No: 0705632121
Address : P.O BOX 29-00209 LOITIKITOK,KENYA
Facebook Pages ; prince Joseph King & The King’s House.

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